Joburg-based Blues Rock band, Gunshot Blue, have released the music video for their latest single “Hit Me Up” taken from their debut album “Until The Last Prayer”.

The Native Americans have a saying: “The world does not belong to us, we belong to the world.” “Hit Me Up” is a desire/ wish/ prayer or longing to connect with our world. The earth, soil, roots, minerals and gemstones below. The earth, mountains and trees around us. The galaxies inside.

“Different tribes, clans and cultures use costumes, ritual and dance to connect. Connect with their ancestors. Connect with their spirit animals. Connect with dreams, visions or inner power. “Hit Me Up” is about connecting, expressing individuality and keeping culture alive,” explains frontman, Frans Borman.

“Hit Me Up” is the second single from Gunshot Blue’s debut album “Until The Last Prayer”, which lead with first single “New Horison”. The video release of “Hit Me Up” explores a more cultural and spiritual side, and let’s this visual lead the video with the various masks and ritual celebrations from a variety of cultures.

Frans expands on this saying: “The mask collective was created to open up new ways to work with masks. The art of mask is the art of creating a character that one can become. The mask culture is universal and lays at every single level of society. In Europe, many traditions including masks are still alive, like the carnival in Venise or Bâle. Likewise, masks hold an important place in contemporary art. The symbology of the mask varies from culture to culture, from sacred in Africa to satirical in Commedia dell’arte and component of the catharsis in Greek theatre. Therefore, what is the place of the mask in the imagination of the contemporary man?”